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What’s the best holiday pure water tablet for your kiddos?

What’s the best holiday pure water tablet for your kiddos?

Pure Water, the company behind KW1 and Pur, has announced its latest water purification tablets for kids in the UK.

The tablets feature a built-in water purifying agent, and are sold as a range of five different purification solutions.

The water tablets are also available in flavours and flavours can be customised.

The company says that the tablets have been used by children since the early 1990s, and has been tested for safety, effectiveness and water purity.

In addition to being sold in packs of five, the tablets also come in a range pack of 12, with the price range ranging from £2.50 for one tablet to £4.50.

The Pure Water tablets are currently only available from UK supermarkets, but a UK retailer is also reportedly planning to sell the tablets at major discount.

We asked Pure Water whether the tablets would be available in the US, and received the following statement: “Pure Water products are available in many countries, including the US and Canada.

We do not currently plan to sell tablets in the United States.”

The Pure Waters’ UK range is currently limited to only the following UK supermarkets: Aldi, Aldi Kids, Cargill, Coles, Costco, The Co-op, Lidl, Morrisons, Morrissey’s, Sams, Tesco, The Virgin and Woolworths.

A spokesperson for The Co‑op said: “We’ve been running Pure Waters in our stores since September 2016.

They have been very well received and we’re happy to share with the world that we’re pleased to offer a range that is so affordable and so safe.”

The company said that Pure Waters water tablets have also been tested by the FDA and the UK’s Food Standards Agency, and that the company has been testing all its water tablets in a controlled environment for safety.

Pure Waters, which has a UK-based business, has also announced that it will soon launch a range in the Philippines, with a range which will include three tablets in each pack.

It’s likely that these tablets will be available from Walmart, Target, Costco and Sams.

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