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When You’re Not Scratching Your Tail, Your Water Needs Are Rising

When You’re Not Scratching Your Tail, Your Water Needs Are Rising

The water crisis in Vermont is worsening.

The city’s residents have experienced shortages for months, with the state’s drinking water department estimating in March that Vermont’s drinking-water supply is running out by mid-July.

A city-wide shortage of water began in June.

Since then, the city’s population has declined by nearly a third, according to the city, which reported its own figures in February.

Residents have reported experiencing a range of symptoms, from diarrhea to a severe rash to dehydration.

They’ve also been complaining of the city not keeping enough water on tap for residents.

Vermont Mayor Paul DeBois told me that the city has been trying to reduce water usage by using a combination of technologies, including using the city-owned wastewater treatment plant to treat wastewater, turning off appliances, and turning off the citywide tap.

“The technology that we’re using to reduce the consumption is working,” DeBose said.

The Vermont city-run water-treatment plant is one of several facilities in the city that are struggling to keep up with demand, according, according.

The water-saving measures have led to shortages at some Vermont facilities.

At one facility, residents are using less water, DeBosse said.

At another, residents have used less water.

At the other, De Bois said, residents haven’t used as much water.

Residents at the city water plant, located on the outskirts of town, have complained of water shortages for the past month, with some residents telling me that they are using as little as 50 gallons a day.

DeBoesse said that Vermonters are using “about 10 gallons a week,” but he acknowledged that the water isn’t flowing as quickly.

Residents in Vermont have been using the plant to turn off the tap and turn on water pumps, he said.

A local resident, who did not want to give her name, told me in an email that she has been paying for water for more than a month and has been unable to use the facility because of the water shortage.

She said that she is in a contract with a company to get water from the water-supply plant to her home, and that she had to cancel her contract because of water problems.

She also said that the plant hasn’t been able to get the water to her house as promised.

“I think that the whole situation is a huge mistake,” she said.

“My home has been a disaster.

I don’t want to be a part of this.”

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