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Why India is now a hub for natural gas production

Why India is now a hub for natural gas production

New Delhi: In the last five years, India’s capacity for gas has doubled from 546 million tonnes to 790 million tonnes.

India’s natural gas output is growing at a steady pace.

But this year, the country is poised to surpass the previous record of 1,030 million tonnes produced in 2014, said Manoj Bhargava, the director general of the Energy Efficiency Institute (EEI).

The national energy ministry has announced a fuel subsidy of Rs 2,400 per unit for gas exports.

But the subsidy will only apply to gas that has already been exported and will not be available to the private sector.

According to a report published by the government on Thursday, gas exports to China will rise to 5.5 million tonnes in the year ahead, up from 5.1 million tonnes the year before.

The increase will come on top of the previous 4.8 million tonnes that China delivered in 2016-17, and will come despite the government’s attempts to bring the number of exports down to less than 1 million tonnes a year.

The report also said that the amount of gas imported from India in 2017-18 will rise from 4.4 million tonnes, to 4.5, to 5 million tonnes this year.

While the government is keen to sell gas in bulk, its policy has not allowed it to export to non-subsidised markets.

So, India has to import most of its gas from Russia and Iran.

Development Is Supported By

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