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‘Pure Water’ purifies the world

‘Pure Water’ purifies the world

Pure water is everywhere.

Its everywhere.

In the ocean, in the air, in our homes, on the shelves of supermarkets and on the floor of our restaurants.

The UK’s biggest manufacturer of pure water purifiers, Aquafresh, says it has developed a device that can purify water at a fraction of the cost of conventional water treatment.

Aquafresa purifies water at temperatures up to 40C (113F) without using a pump.

It is made by a Swiss company, Energo, and will be tested by the World Health Organisation in the coming weeks.

It has already been tested in the UK and Ireland and is expected to be ready for commercial use in spring.

The device is similar to a filter, but uses the same technology to process water, so it has an even wider application in water purification.

Energos PureWater technology uses a combination of ultraviolet (UV) light and ionising radiation to ionise water, removing chlorine and other pollutants.

The UV rays kill harmful bacteria and viruses and the ionising energy converts chlorine into a more potent form of energy, which is used to turn the chlorine into the water’s basic element, chloride.

It turns a small amount of water into clean water and removes all the contaminants.

It also allows water to pass through the filter without any contaminants entering the device.

The filter is not a device for purifying water; it is meant to be a tool to clean the water.

The technology is already being used in many parts of the world, but there are still significant challenges in making it commercially viable.

Most water treatment systems use pumps and electricity to process the water and this has some drawbacks, says the company.

It requires expensive, high-tech equipment to process and store the water, and can only handle a small portion of the water required to purify.

PureWater uses a simple, cheap and easy to install filter.

Its a simple piece of glass that is attached to a water pump that purifies a small quantity of water at each tap.

It can be installed on the front of a home or in a restaurant and is self-contained.

It works by absorbing ultraviolet rays and converting them into electricity.

The PureWater filter is designed to purifies about 10 litres of water per day and it requires no pumps to process it.

A typical water purifying device, called a filtration pump, takes a small device called a filter and makes a stream of water from a water reservoir.

This stream is then pumped to a nearby water tank, where the water is filtered.

Pure Water uses the technology that has been developed to filter water from tap water, a process that takes about a year and can be expensive, says Energon founder and CEO Michael H. Lebock.

“It is a small cost-effective, clean-water technology,” he says.

“In the future, we hope to see this technology being applied in all water treatment plants around the world.”

The Pure Water filter can purifies up to about 10 litres of water in one go, so you would use it for drinking water and for washing dishes and washing your hands.

The company has been working on PureWater for a decade, and it has received funding from the UK government, the European Union and other countries.

The first test was in April, when the company installed it in a home in Glasgow.

The system can process about 30 litres of fresh water a day, or a similar amount of chlorine.

But it has already seen great success in the United Kingdom, where it has been installed at about 500 homes and restaurants.

“This is a very important technology,” says Etergo’s CEO Michael Lebok.

“There is an enormous demand for pure water in Europe, and the UK is one of the most important markets in the world for it.”

In the UK, PureWater was installed at 100,000 homes in 2014 and is being tested in a further 500 homes.

The water purify is being delivered to households by a specially designed delivery vehicle, which includes a dedicated water filter.

Pure water can be purified in a couple of hours, so there is no need to buy a new filter.

Lebrock says the PureWater water purifies in about three to four hours, and once purified, it can be delivered to customers in just one to two days.

“We have tested the technology at a couple different sites and have seen very positive results,” says Leboks chief operating officer Peter C. Dutton.

“Our customers are very pleased with the results and we’re confident that PureWater will be a hugely popular product.”

Energomass, which makes the Aqua-Pure filter, says its PureWater is more efficient than other filters.

“Pure Water is more environmentally friendly than conventional water purifications,” it says.

Energies PureWater filters are not available in the US or Canada, and there are also some international

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