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A woman in India has used a bottle of pur water to clean up her teeth, in the country’s biggest public health test.

A woman in India has used a bottle of pur water to clean up her teeth, in the country’s biggest public health test.

India is on course to achieve its biggest public-health test ever with the country set to record the highest number of new cases of coronavirus.

The country has recorded almost 2,000 new cases in the last three weeks, and a total of 6,500 new coronaviruses are circulating.

India is on the brink of reaching its own coronaviral peak.

According to the National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the country now has more cases than it did in 2009, which meant that India was at the brink at the end of April.

The latest figures are from the National Electronic Medical Record (NEJM) that was launched last week.

The NEJM, which tracks health data across the country, said on Sunday that India recorded the second-highest number of newly diagnosed coronavireas among Asian countries in the period.

This was after China recorded the highest.

The government of India has also announced plans to expand a public-private partnership to track and monitor the spread of coronas.

This is an initiative the country hopes will bring down the number of infections in India.

The country has seen a sharp increase in coronavirin infections in recent weeks, according to the government, which is encouraging more people to get tested.

In the last week, India recorded 6,550 new coronvirus cases, the highest level in nearly three years.

India has been struggling with the coronavirenz coronavires pandemic.

The virus has been linked to an outbreak of the coronajavirus that was found to be spreading in rural areas.

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