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What’s in the water in Calgary?

What’s in the water in Calgary?

A recent report from the University of Calgary has confirmed that the City of Calgary’s pure water supply is pure.

The report says the city has over 7 billion litres of water that’s sourced from Lake Powell.

A spokesperson for the City said it was confident the water met all the requirements to be considered as a safe drinking water supply.

The report by the University, released on Thursday, found that the water used to produce and transport Alberta’s pure drinking water is safe to drink, with no evidence of health problems associated with consumption.

It says the study did not consider other types of water such as wastewater or municipal waste water.

“The City of Alberta’s water supply meets all of the requirements for safe drinking and wastewater discharge requirements in the drinking water regulation framework,” the spokesperson said.

Professor Greg Farrar from the university said the study also concluded that drinking water sources with more than 3 billion litres per capita in Alberta, such as the city of Calgary, were safe to use.

“[This] provides assurance that all sources of drinking water in the province meet the regulatory requirements,” he said.

“In addition, the city’s water supplies are safe to consume.”

Farrar said the research did not take into account contaminants from wastewater, which are not part of the province’s drinking water regulations.

He said the water supply also met the requirements of the Health Canada guidelines, which state that drinking waters should not contain any more than 0.3 parts per billion (ppb) of contaminants.

Drinking water regulations are designed to ensure that contaminants are removed from drinking water, he said, adding that the city had the highest water levels in Canada of any drinking water source.

Farca water is used in the city to produce the Calgary River water.

The city was able to meet its water requirements because it is a “green source”, according to Farrr, who said the city also had a “clean” water supply that did not contain contaminants.

But Farrur said the report did not go into the fact that the river water was not tested to be safe to eat or drink.

A report published last year by a coalition of environmental groups said the City had not followed proper water quality controls.

An independent report released in 2014 by the Fraser Institute concluded that the quality of the water that flows into the city was poor.

In 2015, the Fraser found that there was an “urgent need” for a national review of the drinking-water standards in Alberta.

On Thursday, Environment Minister Shannon Phillips said the Government was “working hard to address the challenges posed by our province’s water crisis”.

“We are determined to improve the quality and safety of Alberta drinking water to ensure everyone has access to safe drinking supplies,” she said.

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