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Why drinking bottled water is healthier than drinking tap water

Why drinking bottled water is healthier than drinking tap water

article It has been a few years since a new water bottle manufacturer, Aquamark, released a new brand of bottled water, but it is still being tested on a regular basis.

The bottled water has been available in stores like Safeway and Starbucks, but has not been available online or at the point of purchase.

In the US, consumers can get bottled water at almost any pharmacy, supermarket, or water fountain, but many people have been struggling to find bottled water online.

“It’s been a pretty tough few years for consumers and we’re hoping that with this new bottle, they can finally get their hands on some of the water that they need,” said Jason O’Connor, CEO of Aquamack.

The new Aquamakine, a brand of 100-proof distilled water, comes with a 1,000-litre capacity tank and is 100 per cent distilled.

The bottles also feature a touch screen and LED light to let customers know they are getting a pure water product.

O’Connor said the company hopes to roll out the new Aquakine by the end of the year.

“We’ve been working on it for a few months and have had great feedback from our customers.

We are really happy with the quality and the taste and we believe it’s a good alternative to tap water.”

Water purifiers have been around for a while, but the new model is the first one to offer water purification.

It is not yet available to consumers, but Aquamax said customers can buy their purified water at most pharmacies.

The company has a new website and a Facebook page, which are the only two ways to get in touch with the company.

You can also email Aquamacks.ca and the company will respond within 48 hours.

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