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How to prepare for a spring storm, and how to handle it

How to prepare for a spring storm, and how to handle it

It’s a common phrase in the Pacific Northwest.

A spring storm brings thunderstorms and heavy rain to the region.

But it can also bring flooding, mudslides and mudslide hazards.

Here are some things to know.


How much snow is in your region?

Snowpack in Washington State is at its lowest level in more than a decade.

Some areas may see as much as a quarter of their annual average snowpack in April.

Some have seen snow levels in the 40s.


How many people will be affected?

There have been more than 20 reported fatalities, according to the National Weather Service.

That includes two people who drowned, two deaths and one injured.

There have also been more serious injuries than fatalities.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports the snowpack has dropped to just 6.6 percent of normal levels, according, the National Interagency Fire Center said.


How will this storm impact the region?

Storms typically bring heavy rain, flooding and mud, but this is different.

The National Weather Services office in Seattle forecasts that it will bring mostly snow, sleet and rain.

The storm is forecast to bring wind gusts to 80 mph and lightning.

Winds will also reach 40 mph and 20 mph, according the weather service.

The rain will drop to 6 inches in some areas.


What are the possible impacts?

Heavy rain could hit communities along the Washington River from northern Kent County to north of the Seattle-Tacoma area, where some people live.

Snow could fall in places such as Washington City and Lake Washington.

The heaviest snow is expected to fall in parts of northern Olympia and Kent, and in the Seattle area, from Everett to Seattle.

A mudslope avalanche could be possible in the city of Kent, which sits on a river valley that empties into the Puget Sound.

In Seattle, snow could drop to 7 inches.


How dangerous is it?

Rainfall is expected at most places around the state, with higher totals in the east and west.

Storms may bring snow and hail, but it’s more likely to bring heavy snow in the south and in parts around Seattle.

The forecast does not include the possibility of a storm surge.

The Seattle Times reported that a heavy snowfall could be on the way and could bring flooding and downed power lines.


How does the storm affect the economy?

Some businesses in the area have already declared for the season, and some have already closed.

Rainfall could make roads impassable, and a number of businesses are considering postponing or canceling season activities.

The Washington Department of Transportation has already suspended several roads and urged drivers to stay off roads and avoid the region, according.


How long will it be before the city is back to normal?

The forecast for the storm calls for a period of heavy snow and heavy rainfall, according with the National Centers for Environmental Prediction.

The average storm track is moving east and northeast at 12 mph and a maximum speed of 15 mph.

The high pressure is moving toward the Northwest, and it’s expected to strengthen.

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