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How to Brew Your Own Pure Mist Water

How to Brew Your Own Pure Mist Water

The Pure Mist Brewing Company is launching a new beer with a simple, but highly-anticipated formula.

The product is called the Pure Mist, and it comes in at 1.5% ABV and has an impressive 12 IBUs of alcohol.

The Pure mist will be available in 12 oz. bottles and on draft at select bars and restaurants.

The brewery says the Pure mist is not just another beer, but a “perfect fit” for the modern-day craft-beer enthusiast.

It comes in 12 ounces and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, including cocktails and in small amounts.

The beer will be bottled at select locations, and Pure Mist plans to sell the bottles online.

“It is our mission to be a place where you can find a great beer and enjoy it without having to pay a premium for the privilege,” Pure Mist co-founder and chief executive officer, Kyle Ewing, said in a statement.

“We are thrilled to bring the Pure Mists to market and are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional, affordable product.”

The Pure Mist is the latest addition to Pure Mist’s growing portfolio of craft beer.

In the past few years, the brewery has expanded its portfolio of beer styles with a selection of barrel-aged beers and a limited edition barrel-fermented beer.

Pure Mist will continue to focus on barrel-aging beers in the future.

Ewing also pointed to Pure Water’s upcoming bourbon barrel-age beer, which will be released in November.

Ewing also hinted at a future collaboration with Pure Mist on a bottle of Pure Mist beer, saying Pure Mist was looking forward to seeing Pure Water do barrel-barreling and barrel-infused beer projects.

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