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How the Irish Water Company’s Pure Water Partnerships with Pure Water Distiller Works

How the Irish Water Company’s Pure Water Partnerships with Pure Water Distiller Works

The Irish Water Co., which is owned by the Irish Government and has been in administration since March, is selling a range of distillers as it seeks to grow its business in India and China.

The sale of the Indian-made Pure Water Partner distiller and the sale of its Chinese partner, the PWD Pure Water Group, are the latest steps the Irish company has taken in an attempt to expand its operations in India, China and Vietnam.

In September, Pure Water Co. also announced it would begin to sell a range and components from its PWD Partners India and Chinese partners. 

Pure Water is part of the P.T. Water Holdings group which also owns the Irish and Royal Irish Constabulary.PWD is a joint venture of two Irish companies: PWD Ltd and the Irish-owned Water Holdings, which is a subsidiary of the Irish State. 

PWD operates under the brand of Water Holdings Limited, which was founded by PWD chief executive, Stephen O’Sullivan.

The Irish Water companies said they will continue to operate under the name PWD. 

“We believe that PWD has an important role to play in bringing more sustainable and green water supply solutions to consumers across the globe,” the companies said in a statement.

The announcement follows reports in January that the Irish water company was to sell its Indian subsidiary to the Indian company Pure Water for $4.2 billion. 

The Indian government has also said that it is prepared to sell the PWR Indian unit to Pure Water, and has also been discussing the sale with its Chinese partners about the sale. 

(Reporting by John O’Brien in Delhi; Editing by Angus MacSwan)

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