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The ‘Pure Water’ is Back—and it’s bigger than ever

The ‘Pure Water’ is Back—and it’s bigger than ever

The ‘pure water’ that was once the best in the world is back.

Pure Water announced today that it has completed its $3 billion acquisition of Alaska-based pure water station Pure Water Inc.

The company has partnered with Alaskan native and philanthropist Chris McQuillen to bring the new station to the region and bring pure water to a growing market in the US.

The new location will include a fully equipped, fully operational water treatment facility that will produce about a billion gallons of purified water a year.

“We have seen a phenomenal surge in the number of people in the U.S. who are using water,” Pure Water CEO and cofounder David G. White told the company’s investors on Tuesday.

“This is great news for the local water supply, for our customers, and for the world.”

McQuillens’ $3.5 billion investment in Pure Water is the largest private investment in the company in its nearly three decades.

Its acquisition is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Pure water is a pioneer in the treatment of wastewater, which is used in water treatment plants, hospitals and other water-intensive industries.

Purewater’s founder and CEO David White says the company is the first company in the history of the company to have a fully operational, publicly-available water treatment plant.

“Pure Water’s success story is an example of what’s possible when businesses and governments embrace new technologies to deliver solutions to the needs of their customers,” White said in a statement.

“Pure Water has pioneered and implemented technologies that have revolutionized the water treatment industry.

This investment is one of the most important in the pure water history of Pure Water.”

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