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Trump’s ‘Vodka Water Pura’ Dispenser: A New Frontier

Trump’s ‘Vodka Water Pura’ Dispenser: A New Frontier

Pure Water (a.k.a. water that’s pure and doesn’t contain anything else) is the new water of choice for purists, and its popularity has grown rapidly in recent years.

Pure Water dispensers have become ubiquitous in malls and restaurants, as well as the homes of many celebrities, and the purification process is a common sight in pop culture.

But with Pure Water, the goal is to be as simple as possible.

“It’s all about simplicity,” said Matt Zeller, co-founder and chief executive of Pure Water.

“You don’t want to have a lot of different chemicals that you have to rinse with water, you don’t have to add water to it, you just want to be absolutely clean.

That’s why we’ve been able to keep it clean, but it’s not clean enough for everybody.”

Pure Water is the most popular purifier in the U.S. Pure water is essentially water that has been filtered through a purifying process that removes any water-soluble contaminants.

The purifying processes use a combination of chlorine and ozone to remove all trace contaminants, and purification is performed in a controlled environment.

But Pure Water purifiers can also be used in other ways.

A pure water bottle can be used as a water purifier, as can a pure water bowl or a purified water pitcher.

And there are many other purification methods to choose from, including adding a small amount of ammonia, carbon dioxide, and other chemicals to the water.

The key is to follow a few simple guidelines to ensure that your water is pure and that it’s safe to drink.

Cleaning Your Water If you don: Have an allergy to chlorine or ozone.

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