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When your water bottle doesn’t stop purging, can you still make beer?

When your water bottle doesn’t stop purging, can you still make beer?

Pure beer water brand Pure Drop Water has developed a new filtrator that purifies your water with a purity of up to 99.9999 per cent.

The water is then filtered by using an ultra-fast filter to remove chlorine, and then purified again.

“It’s a completely different kind of process, and I’m thrilled to have that technology that can remove chlorine from the water supply and be a catalyst for innovation,” Mr O’Neill said.

“That’s the real magic.”

Pure Drop water’s new filter is one of a number of innovative water filters available to consumers.

Some of these products purify your water by simply removing chlorine, while others purify by removing carbon dioxide, ammonia and nitrous oxide.

The filter is also designed to remove ammonia, a gas that is a major problem in the world’s oceans.

While some purifiers purify water by using a chemical process to dissolve dissolved carbon dioxide in the water, the filter uses a micro-film technology that allows it to be made entirely from natural materials.

The Pure Drop filtrate also contains a filter element, which means that it’s completely free of chemicals and other additives, such as salt and sulphur.

While purification is not necessarily required to drink the Pure Drop, it’s one of the most popular water filtions available.

“I don’t think anyone can be completely pure without purification,” Mr Smith said.

The filtrating technology is currently in the prototype stage and will be able to purify up to 100 litres of water per day.

But it won’t be cheap to produce, so the company plans to introduce its first commercial product in 2017.

The company has been selling the Pure Drops to Australian consumers for about a year.

“We think we can take the technology forward to make a real impact in Australia,” Mr Brown said.

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