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How to drink purified water without the nasty side effects

How to drink purified water without the nasty side effects

The world’s first purified water bottle is now available for purchase at stores around the country.

The bottled water, which is made by a company called Pure Water Aborn, is the first to come with a microfiber pad that helps to protect the bottle from microorganisms.

It has a pH level of 8.4 and is designed to be diluted with water before drinking, which makes it a great choice for those who want to drink filtered water without all the unpleasant chemicals.

The Pure Water bottle has a water-sensing system that detects if a bottle is contaminated with bacteria and turns on a water purification device to remove the water.

The company says the pad is easy to use and is also safe for people with compromised immune systems, pregnant women, older adults and people with respiratory diseases.

It is priced at $49 for a 250-ml bottle.

“If you need purified water to get you through the day, this is a great product,” said Jeff Reisch, founder of Pure Water.

“I have never had a bottle of water that has been that clean before, and I’ve been using this bottle for two months now.”

Reisch said he has noticed a difference in his life after switching from water filtered with tap water to a purified water drink.

He said he no longer needs to wear gloves or use masks when he cleans the house, and he has a higher tolerance for chemicals in water.

“I think it’s the right product to have,” he said.

“There are so many other options that I can buy.”

Pure Water Aborns CEO and founder Josh Stellman said his company was able to get the product out the door by partnering with a local water purifier company.

“We were able to buy the water-detecting device, the microfibers, the water purifying technology, and a bottle,” Stellmann said.

The product has already started making the rounds at health food stores, but Stellmiller said the company is planning to expand the product to other health food and pharmacy stores, too.

“This is going to be a big product for the next couple of years,” he added.

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