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Why is Ohio Pure Water purifier making headlines?

Why is Ohio Pure Water purifier making headlines?

The Ohio PureWater purifier is a simple water purification system that allows people to drink clean water without the use of a filter or filter system.

The system, designed and manufactured by New Jersey-based Watercraft Solutions, is one of a handful of products in the United States that purifies water without any filters or filters system.

Watercraft also makes a line of water purifiers for businesses and home owners.

While the company makes a lot of headlines, the company says it’s not necessarily a water purifying system that makes a person feel good.

The company says people are “wanting to know more” about the purification process before making any purchases.

Watercraft says it started selling its purifiers in the early 2000s to consumers in California and other markets.

In the past, purifiers were available for just $20.

The company says its purification systems are also available for the price of a regular filter.

The purification machines work in conjunction with a water filter.

The purification purifier comes in a wide variety of sizes and models.

The machines have a total of nine water purifyable filters, including a water filtering system.

The water purifies to 10 parts per billion, which is considered safe for human consumption.

The Ohio Purewater purifier works by adding purified water from an outdoor source to a bottle of purified water.

The purified water is filtered through a purifying filter that filters it through a filter.

A filter removes all the filth, bacteria and other contaminants that can contaminate drinking water.

WaterCraft Solutions says the system can be used for any household, from people who are allergic to fish, to children in developing countries, or people with compromised immune systems.

The Ohio Purifier is the only purification water puritizer that is available for sale in the U.S.

Water Craft has a website and Facebook page for people to get more information about the product.

The PureWater is an inexpensive, but effective water puriter.

The PureWater Purifier costs $59.99, and the company has a free shipping offer for the purifier.

The cost of the PureWater can be purchased online.

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