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Pur water coupon reader pleads guilty to drug possession

Pur water coupon reader pleads guilty to drug possession

Pur water coupons are often sold online for a very low price and they are often filled with water that is free of any additives or additives that could harm your health.

However, it is important to note that water from the bottle is actually much cleaner than the water from a can or the tap water you use at home.

That means the water can contain more beneficial bacteria and viruses that can help you get better.

If you’re buying this water from Amazon, be sure to read our advice on avoiding the water scams.

A reader named Joe from Illinois bought a can of pur water for $4.99.

He paid $2.59 for the can, but he also got a water bottle that contained about two times the water that he paid for.

The bottle contained water that was not purified.

In fact, the water was nearly pure water, meaning it contained no added chemicals.

Joe used the can to flush out his toilet.

The can had some small droplets of dirt on the can lid and inside of the can.

This was a normal occurrence.

However he noticed that when he poured out the water he saw that it was a lot more water than he had paid for and he immediately contacted Pur Water.

He was shocked when the customer service representative assured him that the can had actually been full of water and would be fine.

However it was still contaminated with water and could be dangerous to your health if you drank the water.

Joe called the company and spoke with an employee, who assured him he would not be charged for the water but that he would be responsible for any damages caused by the contaminated water.

He said that the company would send him a full refund.

Unfortunately, this customer was only able to get a partial refund, and it was more than he paid.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.

It is important not to buy from companies that are known to be deceptive.

The Pur Water scam is just one example of a scam that is being perpetuated by unscrupulous companies.

In 2017, a company called Energizer contacted a man named Paul, who had purchased water for his home from a website.

When Paul called Energiomizer to check the water, he found that the water had been contaminated with chemicals.

Energizers claim that they tested the water and that the contamination was due to a “chemical spill.”

They also told Paul that the contaminated product could have been a false positive.

However they did not have any data to back up their claims and they failed to provide him with any tests to verify the results.

The customer service rep at Energiomizer sent him a letter saying that the product was still safe and that it could have possibly been a “false positive.”

However the company did provide Paul with a water test and a sample of the water to verify that it did not contain any harmful chemicals.

 When the water company finally contacted Paul, they told him that he should be concerned because the water contained chemicals that could have killed him.

They sent him an e-mail that stated that the toxic chemicals were in the water because the company had tested it for these chemicals and it did show a positive result.

They even went on to tell him that they would send the company a sample to test for other chemicals that were not in the contaminated bottle.

Unfortunately Paul received nothing in return for his money.

He contacted Pur and they offered to pay him $10 to get rid of the contaminated item.

Unfortunately this company does not offer refunds for customers who buy tainted water and will not provide a full, thorough test of their water for these types of contaminants.

However Paul could not get his money back and the company sent him another e-card that said that they did have some information about the water source.

However this company has been sued in the state of Minnesota for deceptive practices.

In 2017, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office also filed a lawsuit against a company for deceptive marketing tactics.

The lawsuit claimed that the pur water company was marketing a product that contained more water in one bottle than they actually sold.

This company was also selling water that contained a mixture of bacteria and virus.

The Attorney General claimed that they used this as a marketing tool to trick people into thinking that the purity of the purified water they were using was greater than what they actually received.

To protect their customers, companies must ensure that their products are free of harmful chemicals and additives.

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