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‘Water purification is the new ‘pure water’

‘Water purification is the new ‘pure water’

Water purification has been a long-standing idea in China, with some of the country’s biggest purifiers operating out of its vast natural resources.

Now, China is looking to expand on its already considerable water purification efforts with an appliance that purifies its water to the point where it can be used for drinking or cooking.

The company’s new Pure Water Appliance (PWA) will reportedly purify water up to 100 times faster than conventional water filters.

Its main feature is the addition of a water purifier to a traditional water filter.

“The Pure Water appliance is designed for the water purifying process.

It is a very simple device,” said Zhang Jianhua, a founder and CEO of the PWA.

“Its design is based on a water filter and a water source.”

The PWA is a three-dimensional water purifiers that uses the pressure of water to purify it.

Its water purifies at a pressure of 0.01 bar (2.1 psi) and the temperature of water is between 20 and 55 degrees Celsius.

It’s expected to be available in the second half of 2019.

It has been built by China’s Nanjing University, with the first batch of the device already delivered to the manufacturer.

The Pure Water device uses a vacuum cleaner to collect water from the ground.

Its filter has a capacity of up to 50 liters and its water purified water is sold at a cost of about US$120 per litre.

The device’s design is inspired by a water pump that is a part of the water filtration system in a typical house.

Its size is comparable to a normal household water filter but is slightly smaller, so the purification process takes less space in the home.

The PWM is an appliance made for purification and can purify up to 3 liters of water per hour.

It uses two water filters, each of which has a pressure equal to 100 bar (roughly 3 psi).

This means the PWM can filter water up from 50 litres per minute to 1 liter per minute, or 1,200 liters per hour for a total of 3,200 litres of water.

According to Zhang, this means that it can purification water up as much as 100 times more quickly than the water filters that are currently used in the country.

“There are currently about 300,000 filter systems installed in China,” he said.

“But they all filter water with different levels of pressure, which makes them less efficient.

The idea behind the Pure Water is to provide better water purifications and better performance in the purifier process.”

The Purification of water can also be done without electricity.

The manufacturer says the purifiers can be turned on and off remotely by simply plugging in the device.

The purification device can also purify drinking water by combining it with water from a water-saving water purify system, which consists of water filters and a reservoir of hot water.

The Purify water device is equipped with a water heater that produces steam, so it can also boil hot water to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the water.

“With the Purify Water appliance, the purifying water can be stored in a hot water purifiable water purizer system,” Zhang said.

The technology could also be used to purifier water to remove harmful substances like pesticides and metals.

Zhang said that while he does not expect to see the device being used in household use in China in the near future, he expects it to be used in industrial and commercial environments.

“We are already seeing water purities of about 200-300 bar (3-6 psi) in residential buildings,” he told New Scientist.

“If you are a homeowner, you could use this technology for cleaning your home.”

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